Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Eve

It is finally Christmas Eve today! One of the warmest, nicest family holidays! This year is very special to my family in particular because we've never put so much effort into decorations, traditional foods and crafts. For example, the gingerbread house haha! This is our first try ever and even though it's far from perfect - i like it very much. It turned out very colourful and winter-ish. Plus, it's placed on top of a delicious chocolate pie so... Hoorray for sweets! We have a cute Christmas tree too but i think it needs a bit more decorating. I'll work on that later. Anyways, the day started out great, there's a lot of snow outside, the scent of delicious dishes fills the air and the spirit is great! With a bit of Harry Potter and my family, the holidays are perfect!
Have a warm and peaceful Christmas Eve everybody! :)