Friday, December 28, 2012


Hello people! I finally decided to post after Christmas, sorry for the delay. But i do have a reason for it. The last days have been quite depressing, to say the least. I didn't want any sad-thought-posts in here so holla at me for taking care haha. Anyways. Today is quite relaxed and chill. I finished my Lana Del Rey drawing and went to Narnia, aka, the closet where loots of clothing is hidden. I'm hoping to go to the cinema today, too. I've been waiting for this movie - 'Great Expectations' - forever. The cinemas started screening the movie in other cities quite a few days ago and in mine - today is the premiere. I was afraid that they won't show it here at all but thankfully, i'll be able to see it. I am in need to go shopping too! My heart is screaming for new clothes and make-up haha! Hopefully i'll do so soon. Stay tuned!
I hope everyone had a nice Christmas!:)

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