Friday, December 7, 2012

Winter's wonders

It is finally Friday! I am really happy that the week is over and i can chill for a couple of days, without any worries about school, homework or anything else of that matter. To make it even better - the outside world looks a m a z i n g ! So much sparkly snow everywhere! Me and my friends were so happy to see such a gorgeous winter day. The Christmas spirit is getting stronger with every passing day and i can only hope that this kind of weather will welcome us on the 25th. We did go out for a stroll with my friend Simona today. She suggested 'snapping' our outfits while we're at it.. If we don't count a case of cold blue hands, everything turned out just fine. Haha!More posts every single day! :) 


  1. you are sopretty

  2. Can you take a better photo of these shoes next time? They seem very nice but i cant see for sure .. Nice blog by the way : )